How to keep food Hygiene and Safety at home


Nutrition is essential for maintaining good physical and mental health. Your status of your health depends on what types of food you eat and the way you feel. The basic foundation for your good health based on how you maintain your nutrition on food and this proper nutrition can lead you to healthy-diet and helps to keep optimal health. If there is lack of adequate nutrition in your diet, there is a high chance to affect obesity, type-II diabetes and so on. To minimize the risk of attacking form these diseases, you need to maintain proper nutrition. Here are few tips to keep nutrition for good health.


  • Fruits are very important sources nutrition and you need to eat at least some fruits everyday to meet up nutrition demand in the body. So try to keep various kinds of food on diet list.
  • Beans are other sources of nutrition. You can eat beans though bean soup, red bean soup, bean dip and bean burritos.
  • Increase the amount of vegetable you eat regularly and try to add different types of vegetable in every meal that increases you nutrition amount in your body.
  • Try to eat whole grains like brown rice, grain cereals and whole wheat bread that provide you more nutrition.
  • To maintain proper nutrition you need to consume some low-fat dairy products like cheese, milk, yogurt etc
  • Try to use canola oil and olive oil in a regular basis.
  • You need to drink more and more fresh water every day that is free from calorie and caffeine.

Besides healthful foods and regular exercise, proper nutrition is needed to keep our body and mind healthy. For maintaining proper nutrition you need to follow earlier mentions tips that make your life healthy and happy.

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